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Some of you may be asking (although probably not): meatdaddy (thank you for referring to me by my legal government name), when are you going to make a themed puzzle? The answer is I dunno. Themes usually take me too long to figure out when I solve, even once the puzzle is done. I don't have the eye for them, so I'm not going to haphazardly apply it to my own work to make you all suffer. I'm sparing you all and frankly, I'm insanely benevolent for it.  Regardless, this is the most recent outcome of me grappling with CrossFire. We have a love/hate relationship but we're working on reaching mutual understanding. I was told this puzzle is a lot harder than my previous ones, which kinda makes sense because I was really influenced by the pithy cluing in this Robin Yu puzzle on QVXWordz . A huge thank you to Dob and Momes of CrossweirdTV  for test solving this and giving it much-needed tweaks that elevated the puzz! Questions? Comments? Concerns? Cries of outrage? Writ

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