Kitty Corner w/ alexandra ladee


This is like, one of three cat pictures I had on my phone. Enjoy.

*record scratch* *puts microphone too close to mouth* it's a LADEE MEATDADDY PRODUCTION!!!!

Brooke reached out to me to collab on a themeless, so OBVIOUSLY we had to put our huge brains together and make a fun lil 11x for y'all. With Brooke's eye for fill/cluing angles that'll stump the hell out of you and still give you a satisfying solve, and my penchant for squeezing as much zany shit into a grid as I can, this puzzle very quickly escalated into this fun labor of love you see below. The clues we workshopped the most are the silliest ones, and it was truly to just turn it all up to 11.

Brooke says: "i am extremely grateful to meatdaddy for being down to collaborate. this puzzle came together over the course of a week -- but the amount of tangents we went on while gridding and cluing feels like much, much more than a week's worth of "content." i've very much admired meatdaddy's craft & cluing since they started sharing puzzles with the world and it was an honor/joy to be a part of creating this chaotic and beautiful xword!"


xoxo, meat

1D (what, did you think we'd lie to you?)


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