Me forcing myself to clue this fucking 11x.

Hi all! I'm back with a kinda-maybe-themeless. This grid was withering away on my desktop for months so I decided to just finish the damn thing. I hope you enjoy! Thank you to THEE kateschmate for the test solve!

Also: I wanted to take the time to thank y'all for all the incredibly kind feedback on the Tabula Rasa project (and in particular the shoutouts on Daily Crossword LinksBewilderingly, and Fill Me In). This project truly was a labor of love, and I'm so happy and humbled to hear that it resonated with you all.

Some more xwords links below:

  • These Puzzles Fund Abortions Too - Pretty self-explanatory! Get a gorgeous puzzle pack in exhange for donations that help ensure safe abortions for those who need them. Healthcare is a human right!
  • Liquidation - A fun linguistics collab I did with Will Nediger!


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