License and Registration, Please

Hi! Did y'all miss me? Because I missed you! 
(Corgi has nothing to do with the puzzle and I'm not sure what the source is.)

This puzzle has been in the works for longer than it needed to be, largely because I can't spell. It turns out that if you misspell something in your acrostic quote, it's not only really embarrassing (in my defense, I copied and pasted the quote) but it also messes up the whole puzzle. Some of you may say "but meatdaddy, don't you have a linguistics degree?" And the answer is yes, but as a Gemini, I contain multitudes, okay? [insert spiel here about medieval monks and the crapshoot that was orthography in Modern English manuscripts]

ANYWAY, a huge thanks to Alex for helping me troubleshoot this puzzle and my spelling errors, and to his acrostic generator for enabling me to make this. Another huge thanks for Norah Sharpe/Shannon Rapp, crossword extraordinaire, for the test solve and for helping me hone my puzzle craft.

Love it? Hate it? Streaming it? Does it make you wanna throw your Macbook in the East River and return to a hunter-gatherer society? @ me!

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