Lemme get uhhh... (kateschmate collab)


@corgi_shumai doing a semi-spoiler

To all my girls, gays, and theys (and straight men, I guess...): BEHOLD! The collab you have all been waiting for - you know her, you love her, you solve her lovely puzzles - it's a KATESCHMATE (of Crosswords Schmosswords fame) MEATDADDY PRODUCTION! 

Firstly, thanks to Kate for reaching out for a collab! I'm always really flattered when people reach out to make a puzzle with me and this was no exception. I really forgot how much I missed making stuff with my friends and crosswords have reminded me what a true joy it is. I also wanna thank Kate for fully enabling (and honestly, showcasing) my chaos - I think we fed off each other's silliness in a really fun way and this is what we wound up with. I think it's perfectly ridiculous in all the right ways and I'm so happy with what we whipped up. Hope you are too!

A word from Kate: "I don't feel like there's much I need to say, since the puzzle quite frankly SPEAKS FOR ITSELF, other than I am so happy meatdaddy was into it when I asked them to collab! This puzzle is dedicated to the wheel. Thank you, wheel."

P.S. - No one test solved this, so any typos are the solver's fault for doubting our ability and intelligence. I can't believe you. Take some accountability, jeez.


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