Themeless #Whatever (don't make me count)


You all @ me. Screenshot of the fluffiest, most judgemental angel Scotty over at @lacorgi.

Hi all! I don't have much to say about this puzzle other than I hope you enjoy it and that it's probably NSFW. Tryna lean into chaos a bit more than usual (except I decided not to clue 60A as [Grandma's house]) . Thanks to Quiara for the test solve and to Norah for helping me rework the fill!

Also, hey! Pssssst! Check out the AVCXpansion Kickstarter!

61D, if you'd like


  1. This is the meatdaddiest thing that ever meatdaddied. I can "hear" you through this one, and laughed my (you know) throughout.


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