TODAY-BOR DAY IS LABOR DAY! And my second themeless! And this new blog!

Hey y'all! VERY excited to introduce to you all THE DELI COUNTER, THEEEEEE meatdaddy crossword blog! I really can't believe how quickly I fell into the crossword community, or even into making them. It's a blast! I'm really excited to share my puzzles with you all, and also hopefully the puzzles of fellow constructors! In the interim, please excuse whatever the fuck the site currently looks like. I know, and I'm workin' on it.

Since I'm still trying to find my footing with construction, I've been working with different grid sizes, but keeping the puzzles themeless. I want to give myself enough flexibility to be able to learn as I go. So far, I'm really enjoying making puzzles that are a mixture of my own interests (language, linguistics, science, the ancient world, Internet culture that is deeply embedded into my brain) and "grab bag" trivia - I think my goal is for everyone to learn at least one new thing by the time they complete my puzzles, even if it's something tiny.

Thank you to Norah Sharpe, expert of all things crosswords and much-needed cheerleader, for test solving this and helping me beef up (heh) my clues. A few tweaks make a big difference!

please enjoy this 15x themeless! I was a little iffy on it at first, but I've definitely grown to enjoy it. Each puzzle is a labor of love.

(Note: there have been a few recluings since this has been published. What's currently listed is the most current, because I am simply excellent at updating my website.)

fullscreen view | .puz | .pdf



  1. great puz! clues had a great fresh feel!

  2. got there under 30 minutes with only 2 reveals. knowing you somewhat definitely helped. 4d was one where once it fell in place i wondered how i hadn't known it.

  3. cant believe i forgot about DONT MY WIFE


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